GTA 5 Letter Scraps location guide

North Blaine County


1: At the Procopio beach rest stop, go towards the beach and you will come to a small log building. At the far side, towards the ocean, the scrap will be there.

2: Inside “Dignity Village” go to the left and then right to enter the tent with a banner that says “Social Justice for All”.

3: Along the east coast, just south of Mount Gordo, there is a small house and a lighthouse on an island. Go over to the lighthouse and the scrap will be on the walkway surrounding it.

4: At the northern edge, in the middle of Grapeseed, look for three long canopies in a field. There will be two white ones and a green one in the middle. Look in the white one on the right to find the scrap.

5: Go to the east docks at the north shore of Alamo Sea and there will be a fishery there. Look for the boat trailer to the right of the fishery and the scrap will be on the ground there.

6: To the northwest side of Alamo Sea, there will be three small outcroppings from the shore. Look on the farthest west one and there will be a wooden boat. Just to the left of that will be the scrap.

7: When you get to the dirt road that runs along the south of Cassidy Creek, you will be able to over look another dirt road down below. While on the upper road, look for the highest peak on the north side of the cliff face and get to the top of it. You may need to ride a quick bike to get up or take a chopper as the sides are pretty steep. The scrap will be on top of it once you get up.

8: When you enter the Altruist camp, follow the path up to the radio tower and there you will find the scrap on the ground near the base of the tower.

9: On the small road that leads east to the lumberyard, stop at the bend in the road that turns right and look for the scrap on the ground to the left of the road next to a large rock and some trees.

10: At the top of Mt. Chiliad, there is a gondola station. Look inside it on the catwalk towards the front to find the scrap there.

11: At the house with the white railing and open umbrella on the second story patio, go up the stairs to reach the top patio and the scrap will be on the deck there.

12: To the north of Paleto Bay, there is a house beside the Pay n Spray there that has a collapsed back roof. Look inside the small room at the rear of the house to find the scrap.

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