GTA 5 From Beyond the Stars Spaceship Parts location guide

Spaceship Parts 41-50

Part #41 - Pacific Ocean

Southeast of the previous part is a series of rocky islands. Head there to find a spaceship part hanging out atop one of the sets of rocks.

Part #42 - El Burro Heights

Head to the oil station in north El Burro Heights. Look for this large blue storage unit and enter the green unit behind it. Inside is another spaceship part.

Part #43 - Murrieta Heights

This one is found in the dam in Murrieta Heights. Head to the side facing the city and climb down a few levels. Hop over the railing to reach the part itself.

Part #44 - Land Act Reservoir

Head to the Land Act Reservoir and look for the small wooden dock at the western end. Dive into the water and swim underneath the dock to find another spaceship part.

Part #45 - Land Act Reservoir

Now head to the northern part of the reservoir to find some giant sewer pipes. Another part will be lying at the end of the runoff tubes.

Part #46 - Tataviam Mountains

To the west of the Tataviam Mountains lies a beach, and at its south end is a large rock arch. Next to that is a small sandbank where you'll find another spaceship part.

Part #47 - Grand Senora Desert

It's back to the Grand Senora Desert for this one. The spaceship part is located in the bend of the twisty road marked on the map.

Part #48 - Grand Senora Desert

This house sits by its lonesome on a winding road in the desert. Check under the banner in the yard for another spaceship part.

Part #49 - Grand Senora Desert

Just before the Grand Senora Desert becomes Great Chaparral, you can find this abandoned house by the edge of winding road. Check the back porch for a spaceship part.

Part #50 - Ron Alternates Wind Farm

For the game's final spaceship part, look for this cave east of the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. Enter the cave and swim along the eastern bottom to find the part.

Finishing the Mission

With all 50 spaceship parts collected, return to Omega. This time he'll be at Ron Alternates Wind Farm - right where we collected the final spaceship part.

After a quick (and rather endearing) cutscene, you'll be rewarded with the From Beyond the Stars achievement/trophy. Plus, you now have access to Omega's garage... and the Space Docker rocket car!