GTA 5 From Beyond the Stars Spaceship Parts location guide

Spaceship Parts 31-40

Part #31 - Downtown

You'll need a helicopter for this one. Fly to the top of the Penris building in Downtown for a high-altitude spaceship part.

Part #32 - Downtown

This one is a bit of a pain - it's inside the underground train system, which can only be accessed via flood canals. We've marked the canal closest to the previous part.

Bare left in the tunnels until you reach the large center depot. Head up the slope and hop the low orange fence to find another spaceship part.

Part #33 - Textile City

Head down Simmett Alley in Textile City to find this spaceship part next to the Bean Machine coffee shop.

Part #34 - Strawberry

You'll find this under Olympic Freeway in the hobo camp. Look for the camouflage pattern couch.

Part #35 - Davis

This one rests on the helipad of the hospital in Davis. Yes, that means you need a helicopter to reach it.

Part #36 - Rancho

Rancho is home to this complex piece of modern art. Just inside the gate is another spaceship part.

Part #37 - Los Santos International Airport

This is located behind the southernmost hangar at the airport. Be warned: the cops don't like it when you drive out here.

Part #38 - Elysian Island

Los Santos Gas lies on Elysian Island. Scale the massive buildings to find a long pipe connecting the two. Take a brave walk out onto that pipe to find another part.

Part #39 - Elysian Island

This spaceship part is in deep water near the docks at Elysian Island. Take a deep breath and prepare for a big dive to reach this one.

Part #40 - El Burro Heights

You'll have to hop to the beach below the freeway for this one. Once there, you'll find it inside a storm drain.

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