GTA 5 From Beyond the Stars Spaceship Parts location guide

Spaceship Parts 21-30

Part #21 - Banham Canyon

This lone house sits in the east of Banham Canyon. Head to the backyard to find a spaceship part by the pool.

Part #22 - Richman Glen

This is at the rehab center in Richman Glen. Head inside and look for the large tree by a zen pool. The part is at its base.

Part #23 - Vinewood Hills

This one's on the roof of the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. Take the stairs up and grab your prize.

Part #24 - Vinewood Hills

This tricky part is atop an observation tower in the eastern lake of Vinewood Hills. You'll need to take a helicopter or parachute down to reach it.

Part #25 - Vinewood Hills

Note this column just south of the previous part. Dive down on its left side to find another.

Part #26 - Rockford Hills

This one's easy to find. It's on an island in the golf course.

Part #27 - Burton

You'll need a helicopter for this one. Fly to the marked rooftop on the map to find an empty pool. Well, it's technically not empty - there's a spaceship part inside.

Part #28 - Burton

This one's easy to spot. The upper level of Rockford Plaza has a small grass island; this spaceship part is in its center.

Part #29 - Richards Majestic

You'll have barge in on the movie set for this one. Head to the southernmost building (with the orange roof) to find a spaceship part on its balcony.

Part #30 - Vespucci Canals

Head to the Liquor Hole in Vespucci Canals. See that lovely sign jutting from the roof of the store? Use the ladder behind the building to get up there and discover a well hidden spaceship part.

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