How to craft the Oven in Grounded

Grounded Oven
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The Grounded Oven is a special construct made in a player's base if you can find the Superchip with the blueprints on it - which is nestled in the perilous Haze Lab. However, while it's difficult to get and doesn't sound particularly exciting as a crafting project, we beg to differ - the Oven is used to make many foundational materials for Base building in Grounded, including Mushroom Bricks, Globs, and even the Grounded Broodmother BLT used to summon the venomous boss of the same name. Below, we'll explain how to craft and build the Oven in Grounded, where to find the recipe, and where to get the ingredients for it.

Oven recipe location and ingredients in Grounded

Grounded Oven

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As mentioned, the first thing to do to get the Grounded Oven is find the recipe. This is done by getting the Superchip from the Haze Lab in the Southwest corner of the map, which you can find out how to get into in our guide on what to do after the Grounded Hedge Lab

After making it to the end, the Superchip can be brought back to BURGL in the Oak Lab, which will expand the options for sale in the shop. Buy the "Advanced Production: Buildings" pack for 2500 Science, and you'll have the Oven recipe added to your crafting list, among others. The oven requires the following ingredients to craft:

  • Clay x10
  • EverChar Coal Chunk x4
  • Boiling Gland x4
Grounded Tier 2 Insect Axe

Grounded Axe Level 2

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The Grounded Axe level 2 upgrade, the Insect Axe, is a game-changer. Earn a harder hatchet here!

Clay should be relatively easy to get at this point in the game - head to any watery area and use a shovel to dig at the smooth, brown deposits of clay around or in the water.

The EverChar Coal Chunks are the hardest one. Along the path of the Western ascent to the Grounded Upper Yard is the Spilled BBQ, a dangerous area full of spiders and heat. However, anybody with a tier 2 busting tool/hammer can break open the charcoal and get EverChar Coal Chunks from it (assuming they don't die in the process from sizzling).

The Boiling Gland is a semi-rare drop from Bombardier Beetles. You can use a Field Station to look for either Glands or Bombardier parts, but if you need a place to check, look along the Western side of the Pond and Central Grasslands. 

Take all these back to any of your Grounded base locations and put together a brand new Oven! One of the best things you can make with it are Mushroom Bricks, used to construct tough defenses like those that'll help you with the Grounded MIXR Modules and Javamatic sequence later on. Keep in mind that the Oven works slowly, similar to the Spinning Wheel, so anything you bake in it will need time to finish.

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