How to get the Broodmother BLT in Grounded

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The Grounded Broodmother BLT is a special recipe with only one purpose - to summon the Hedge Broodmother itself. No, you can't eat it, it's a lure for one of the game's most lethal bosses. To craft it, you'll need to find the recipe in a research outpost in the Hedge, then craft an Oven to make it in, and finally kill all the various bugs that make up the components - this isn't a vegetarian sandwich, after all. If you're ready to battle the big spider boss, here's how to craft the Broodmother BLT in Grounded, where to find the recipe and the ingredients with it.

Grounded Broodmother BLT recipe location

Grounded Broodmother BLT

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The Grounded Broodmother BLT is found in its own, exclusive research outpost high up in the hedge, close to the main Hedge Lab. We'll lay out how to reach it below, as the actual path is to complex and granular to simply be shown on a map (though the exact map location is above if it helps):

Grounded Broodmother BLT

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  1. Use the map laid out in our guide on what to do after the Grounded Oak Lab to find your way to the Hedge Lab.
  2. Once inside, take all the routes going upwards until you reach the room full of crafting and building materials on shelves.
  3. Take the zipline out of the room all the way down to the branch it's attached to on the other side.
  4. Look back at the lab behind you and jump onto the roof of the square room.
  5. Turn left and head up the curved tube roof so that you hit a little four-way junction of corridor rooftops. Take the only one that goes up. 
  6. At the top, look down to see a red battery in a case, sparking gently. Dandelion-float down on top of it.
  7. Run straight ahead and leap onto the tree branch. Immediately turn right and jump up the ascending ladder of mushrooms.
  8. At the top, turn left and tightrope walk along the branch out of the hedge itself. At the end, supported between two horizontal poles, is a small, circular research outpost.
  9. Go in through the door and on the table to your left will be a document - with the Broodmother BLT recipe on it. Pick it up to have it permanently added to your crafting list.

How to get the ingredients for the Broodmother BLT

Grounded Broodmother BLT

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Though you can't make the Broodmother BLT without the recipe, there's nothing stopping you from getting the ingredients in advance of that. To make it, you'll need the following:

  • Ladybug Part x2
  • Bombardier Part x2
  • Thistle Needle x1

The bugs parts aren't too hard to find, but not as easy to get - you'll have to kill Ladybugs and Bombardiers to get them, which is a tier 2 Grounded weapons situation to say the least (though if you're planning on killing the Broodmother, you want to be on tier 3 anyway). Ladybugs tend to have random patterns amid the central grasslands, but Bombadiers can be found to the Northwest of the Mysterious Machine (among other places). Once you've killed one, simply put the parts into any Surveyor to find more.

Finally, there's the thistle needle. This one's easy - simply find a thistle - the big plants with pink/purple flowers - and strip the needles off the stem by interacting with them. 

Once you have them all, combine them in an Oven - not a Cookery or Roasting Spit - and wait. After a few minutes, it'll produce one Broodmother BLT. 

Of course, if you're having trouble with the Oven, that's definitely a mid-game creation. If you need a little help on where to look, the special coal can be found on the West route to the Grounded Upper Yard, amidst the Spilled BBQ.

How to use the Broodmother BLT

Grounded Broodmother BLT

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Despite the fact that players can eat plenty of different bug parts, the Broodmother BLT cannot be eaten by the player. In fact, the only thing you can do with it is take it to the Grounded Broodmother lair, and in the back left corner will be a small collection of… eggs? Cocoons? Rounded, broken somethings that players can interact with and effectively submit the BLT to it - summoning the Broodmother, which will drop down from the ceiling.

If the players are killed and the boss , the BLT will actually respawn in the center of the arena, so it can be reused. However, if you kill the Broodmother, it won't reappear - but considering you've beaten her, you won't need it again. 

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