How to get a Level 2 Grounded Axe

Grounded Axe Level 2
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The Grounded Axe of Level 2, aka the Insect Axe, is a special tool that should replace your Pebblet Axe before you're more than a few hours in, used to harvest bigger and more formidable resources - like cutting down Husky Weeds, Mushrooms and Toadstools, among others. It's also just a lot more damaging as one of the early Grounded weapons, so below I've explained how to get a Level 2 Insect Axe in Grounded for yourself, as well as how to get the Spinning Wheel you'll need to make the Silk Rope for it - and the Acorn Shovel needed to get the Clay for the Spinning Wheel. Yeah, it's a whole process.

How to craft the Level 2 Grounded Axe, the Insect Axe

Grounded Insect Axe

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To get the Grounded Axe Level 2, aka the Insect Axe, you need to combine the following items at a Workbench:

  • x1 Ladybug Head
  • x3 Bombardier Part
  • x4 Silk Rope

You can get this recipe by analyzing any of the above three materials at a Resource Analyzer, or by reaching Brainpower Level 6. The Ladybug Head has a random chance of dropping when you kill a Ladybug, so you may need to defeat a few of them before you receive this item, while the Bombardier Part is a standard drop from killing a Bombardier Beetle. 

Finally, Silk Rope can be produced from the Web Fiber of spider webs using the Spinning Wheel detailed below. Put all of these materials together, and the Grounded Insect Axe will be yours so you can start chopping down Level 2 plants.

How to craft the Grounded Acorn Shovel to harvest Clay

Grounded Acorn Shovel

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The recipe for the Grounded Acorn Shovel is received when you reach Brainpower Level 3, or analyze either the Acorn Shell or Crude Rope at the Resource Analyzer, so it's likely you'll have it already. You can then Craft this shovel from your Inventory with these resources:

  • x2 Sprig
  • x1 Crude Rope
  • x1 Acorn Shell

You find Sprigs sprouting out of the ground all over the back yard as a common resource, and Crude Rope is one of the basic craftable materials you'll already be familiar with. Acorn Shells are obtained by finding Acorns, abundant under the large Oak tree in the Oak Hill area, and smashing them with a hammer.

How to craft the Grounded Spinning Wheel to make Silk Rope

Grounded Spinning Wheel

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You can get the recipe for the Grounded Spinning Wheel by analyzing either an Acorn Top or Web Fiber using a Resource Analyzer, then Craft it anywhere from your Inventory using the following materials:

  • x2 Acorn Top
  • x4 Clay
  • x4 Red Ant Part
  • x3 Sap
  • x4 Crude Rope

Acorn Tops can be harvested by using a hammer to smash Acorns, which are found in the Oak Hill area beneath the large Oak tree. Clay can be dug up around areas of water using the Acorn Shovel we covered above, while Red Ant Parts are gained by killing Red Worker Ants and Red Soldier Ants. Sap is usually found around tree roots, especially around Oak Hill, and Crude Rope is a basic item we've covered earlier.

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