Grab a DualSense controller for AU$69 in Sony's Aussie Days of Play sale

PS5 controller DualSense

Update, June 5: Prices are varying on DualSense controllers, but they're still available for as little as AU$67, depending on the colour. It's worth keeping an eye on each colour, because they're frequently going in and out of stock, and changing price.

Sony's annual Days of Play sale has gone live in Australia today, and as usual it's the best time to buy first-party games and PS5 accessories. Most notable, is that you can currently get a DualSense controller for as little as AU$69, which is 42% off the usual AU$119.95 price. 

I'm speaking from experience when I say it's worth having a backup DualSense. Just recently, both of my launch DualSense controllers started to suffer intense stick drift,  not to mention the R2 button becoming stuck on one of them. It's difficult to play any game under these circumstances, but it's even harder to fork out a whole AU$120 as a result. So if this is you, or if your launch controller is getting on, it's probably worth stocking up now.

Not all colours are on special. At the time of writing, Cosmic Red and Gray Camoflage are AU$69. If you want Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, or Midnight Black, they'll set you back AU$76. Hey, I don't make the rules!

PS5 DualSense controllersAU$119.95starting from AU$67 at Amazon

PS5 DualSense controllers | AU$119.95 starting from AU$67 at Amazon
Sony's DualSense controller is an incredibly impressive piece of kit, but it's also expensive, and somewhat given to wear within two or so years. So when they're available for as little as AU$67, it's worth grabbing one, even if you don't need one right now. (Update: prices on the individual colours vary, and keep changing, but as of now several are still available for AU$67).

There's also a bunch of PS5 games on sale, though none of the discounts are especially low. Still, if you've been eyeing off any of the following, now's a good time to bite:

Death Stranding Director's Cut | AU$79.95 AU$28
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut | AU$124.95 AU$54
God of War Ragnarok | AU$124.95 AU$66
Gran Turismo 7 | AU$124.95 AU$63
Horizon Forbidden West | AU$124.95 AU$65
The Last of Us Part 1 | AU$124.95 AU$79
Nioh Collection | AU$124.95 AU$49
Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart | AU$124.95 AU$59
Returnal | AU$124.95 AU$59.95
Sackboy: A Big Adventure | AU$109.95 AU$44
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition | AU$124.95 AU$65
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection | AU$79.95 AU$35.15

The Days of Play sale runs until June 12, so while there's no rush in theory, the reality is that some of these things may sell out. For example: Demon's Souls for PS5 was down to AU$32 early on Friday morning, but it's since sold out. May be worth keeping on eye on that page, though!

Sony is also offering PlayStation Plus memberships with a 25% discount, though you can't buy those from Amazon (or any other third-party) anymore, so head over to the PlayStation Store, or access the store on your console.

Still don't own a PS5? They're easy to get nowadays, but if you want to know where they're going cheap, keep an eye on our where to buy a PS5 in Australia page.

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