Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden Goat Statues 13-18

#13 Water Slide

There's a goat statue nestled amongst the undergrowth next to the water slide.

#14 Diving Board

Climb up to the top of the diving boards to find a golden goat statue.

#15 Beneath a Tree

At the foot of the big tree overlooking the gathering of rednecks, you'll find the next statue.

#16 Outhouse

There's an outhouse near the edge of the giant field. On the ground to the right is a golden goat.

#17 Makeshift Arena

The rednecks have created yet another fun way to pass the time and are pitting goats against each other in a small arena marked out in the dirt with the blood of your brethren. Don't even waste your time trying to liberate them because they're juiced up to the eyeballs on goat steroids and will try to destroy you. Meander over to the fence and pick up a nice, friendly statue instead.

#18 Harvester

Find the harvester in the huge field and head down the path next to it to find another statue.

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