Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden Goat Statues 19-24

#19 Greenhouse

There's a greenhouse close to the bell tower. In here you'll find a golden statue.

#20 Pit of Science

Head up the hill from the Low Gravity Centre and you'll stumble across a beguiling science hole. Next to it is a statue.

#21 Low Gravity Centre

Enter the fan room in the Low Gravity Centre and land on the platform next to the fan bathed in red light. To the right are some boxes you can use to climb up into the rafters. Make your way along them until you're above the office area to find a golden statue.

#22 Low Gravity Centre Air Vent

Pop back into the fan room and land on the fan higher up on the wall highlighted by a creepy red light source. When you land on this fan, it'll send you flying through the ventilation shaft and up onto the roof. There's a golden goat in the vent so make sure you pick it up along the way.

#23 Low Gravity Centre Roof

Access the roof via the fan room and use slow motion to help you pick up this next goat. The whirring arms will send you flying if they hit you, so time it carefully. This one may take you a little while and a lot of raging. Good luck.

#24 Coffee Stain Studios

The studio is across the road from the spawn field. Nip upstairs and steal this gentleman's golden paperweight.

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