Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden Goat Statues 1-6

#1 Goat Tower

In the field where your goat starts the game, ascend the spiral staircase around the tower and headbutt the insolent goat in the doorway to reach the first statue.

#2 Goat Castle

Continue to the top of the tower and enter the mysterious doorway. To the left is a pile of crates with a golden statue perched on top.

#3 Shed Roof

Near the field where your goat starts its journey is a brown shed next to the main road. Pop up onto the roof to grab the next goat statue.

#4 Power Lines

Use the fans on the roof of the shed to fire your goat up into the air. As you shoot skyward, you'll spot the next statue tantalisingly balanced on the power lines below you. Aim yourself towards the cable and hit jump just as you make contact to achieve a perfect landing, preventing your goat from ricocheting from the cable and flying off who knows where. Using slow motion may help you with this if you're finding it tricky.

#5 Pylon

Use the fans on the shed roof again and this time, when you fly up into the air, hit the ragdoll key and enter slow motion to steer your goat toward the top of the adjacent pylon. At the top is a golden goat statue – just let your goat collide with the top of the tower on its way to the ground to collect it.

#6 Farmer's House

Enter the house next to the field where your goat spawns and head upstairs to the bedroom with the desk near the doorway, to find a statue in the corner.

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