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Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden idols have been worshipped for thousands of years, and that tradition continues in-game as there are 30 Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues to track down and covet. If you want to complete your collection of shiny trinkets then you'll need to look high and low – like, really high and low – in order to find them as some are pretty well hidden and in obscure or hard to reach places.

That's why we put this guide together, so if you're looking to fill your trophy cabinet then you can stop wandering aimlessly around town, and instead follow our lead to find all 30 of the Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues without further delay. And if you're a PS4 owner, you can play Goat Simulator as one of your free PS Plus games (opens in new tab) for January 2020, so there's no excuse not to check it out.

Looking for more help? We also have a Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests (opens in new tab) guide so you can complete everything.

Table of Contents:

Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif
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