Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden Goat Statues 7-12

#7 Behind Shed

Next to the main road and opposite the yellow building with the bell tower is a large shed. Behind it is another statue.

#8 Bell Tower

Make your way onto the roof of the yellow building and hop onto the bell tower. Hit the ragdoll key to go limp and flop underneath the bell for the next golden statue. It's practically impossible to escape once inside so save yourself a lot of stress and just respawn after you collect the golden idol.

#9 Shipping Container

Trot down the main road and onto the construction site. There's a blue shipping container near the roadside concealing a golden statue.

#10 Construction Site

Enter the building under development here and jump across to the fans on the roof of the next building when you're a few floors up. This will give you the boost you need to reach the roof where you can hop across and pick up the next statue.

#11 Hanging Container

Dangling from the crane is a blue shipping container which holds a statue that presumably belongs to the grumpy little robot guarding it. Head to the trampoline at the construction site and using a combination of slow motion and the ragdoll key, land your goat inside the container. Just be aware that the little bugger of a robot will try to bop you right back out again so as soon as you find your feet, knock him down and grab the statue pronto.

#12 Crane

Climb to the top of the crane and walk to the end of the boom. Hop up onto the top and head back along and up the cable to reach the goat statue.

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