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Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide

Golden Goat Statues 25-30

#25 Coffee Stain Roof

There's a trampoline near the group of protesters. Use it to gain some height, go ragdoll, bust out the slow mo and point yourself at the roof of the studio to reach the statue on the chimney.

#26 Gas Station

The next statue is in the garage of the gas station. Feel free to headbutt this chap while you're here to make yourself feel like a big man.

#27 Behind Protesters Stage

Scooch around the back of the stage to find a statue.

#28 Boulder of Death

Find the garden party and head up the path to the giant boulder of death. Push it out of the way (don't worry, it'll only liven up the barbecue as it goes rolling inexorably down towards the party goers) and grab the statue that was behind it.

#29 Tree Branches

There's a pair of trees next to the pool. Hop up the branches to reach the golden goat statue that some silly sod has stuck up here for a laugh.

#30 Underneath a Pylon

There's a pathway leading up a hill next to Coffee Stain Studios. Underneath the pylon here is the last golden goat statue.

When you've collected all 30 statues, you'll morph into a hairy cocoon that smells faintly of goats, before bursting forth as a magnificent golden Minotaur standing 50 feet tall, that also emits a rather goaty odour. Unfortunately it's so pungent that he'll be overwhelmed with embarrassment and immediately return to goat form.

This happens so quickly it's actually invisible to the naked eye and all you'll see is the quest completion pop up congratulating you for finding all of the golden goat trophies. You did it!

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