Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests guide

It may have started out as a joke back in 2014, but you can now simulate being an irritating goat across a huge number of formats, and if you want to show off your chaos-causing skills then completing all of the Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests is a great way to demonstrate your hoofed prowess. You'll probably stumble across a lot of these as you bash your way around town, and some you may even complete by accident or with little effort, but there are definitely more involved challenges – and that's where this guide comes in.

We've worked our way through all the obstacles the game can throw at us, to bring you details on the requirements and best ways to beat every one of the Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests. So chew the cud, bleat out a warning to anyone nearby, and start wreaking havoc like a true rogue ruminant. Better still, if you're a PS4 player then Goat Simulator is one of your free PS Plus games for January 2020, so there's never been a better time to check it out.

Looking for more help? We also have a Goat Simulator Golden Goat Statues collectibles guide.

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