Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests guide


Just jump over something. Anything.

Airheight Easy (5 metres), Normal (50 metres), Hard (120 metres)

First of all, head to the Goat Tower to gain the power to summon the flaccid bodies of your goat minions. Next, climb the steps near Coffee Stain Studios to reach the glowing red goat pentagram scrawled on the ground. Summon 5 followers to fulfil the requirements of the sacrifice that will transform you into a demon goat.

Now, locate the brown shed next to the roadside with fans on the roof, then jump on the fans a couple of times then go limp to gain extra height for the next bounce. As you whirl off towards the clouds, activate your demonic goat power to ascend to the heavens – or at least to 120 metres. Houston, we are so far from having a problem it’s not even worth sending this transmission.

Knocking Easy (100 metres), Normal (250 metres), Hard (500 metres)

Grab a basketball (either from near your spawn point or by the Low Gravity Testing Facility), place it on the road and wait for an oncoming lorry. Headbutt the ball into the lorry, which will then send it flying far away enough to tick off all 3 requirements for this quest.

Flipping Easy (single flip), Normal (double flip), Hard (triple flip)

Enter the fan room at the Low Gravity Testing Facility and let your goat waft upwards towards the rafters. At the peak height here, commence a front or back flip and just keep spinning. Mission accomplished.

Biggest Combo Easy (1,000 points), Normal (4,000 points), Hard (10,000 points)

Headbutt a pump at the Gas Station and let the carnage unfold to rack up over 10,000 points.

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