Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests guide

Airtime Easy (6 seconds), Normal (9 seconds), Hard (18 seconds)

While you’re at the Low Gravity Testing Facility, float to the peak height then as you descend, steer your goat onto the fan in the wall that leads to the vents to get a little extra lift for a few seconds. You can tick off all 3 Airtime quests doing this.

Car Accident

Just step out into the road and wait…

Total Score Easy (20,000), Normal (500,000), Hard (2,000,000)

The total score refers to the overall score during your playthrough, so either harvest points at your leisure or go mental and destroy everything.


You need to scare the crap out of 5 people, so the easiest way to complete this is to head over to the garden party or the protest. Grab someone with your powerful goat tongue and run amok, fuelled onwards by the humans’ terrified screams until the counter reaches 5.

Michael Bay

Head to the Gas Station, blow the bejesus out of it with a simple headbutt to one of the pumps and watch the world fall down around your furry ears.

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