Goat Simulator Achievements and Quests guide

Angel Goat

Just be a very still, very well-behaved goat for around 5 minutes to unlock this achievement. Do. Not. Move. To occupy the time while you wait, you could make a cup of tea and a sandwich while you think about what dastardly deeds you can get up to once you’ve fooled the goat upstairs into bestowing a halo upon your mighty horns. Sucker.

Boulder of Death

Across the road from the spawn point is a lively shindig full of barbecued meats, general merriment and just a load of people having a swell time. See that path up the hill? See the ominous looking boulder barely restrained by those few blades of grass? Just give it a little nudge from behind and watch as the garden party gets about 10 times more exciting. They’ll thank you for it later.


There are 2 Walker statues dotted around the map. Enter the farmhouse next to the spawn point and go up the stairs and into the bedroom on the left to find the first one and give it a little lick. Take the statue and deposit it atop the red pentagram on the hill overlooking Coffee Stain Studios for the first part of the Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3? achievement.

LOEK master

Use the trampoline in the spawn field to reach the treehouse where you’ll find the second Walker statue. Lick it to get this achievement then take it to the red pentagram to keep its twin company until you’re ready to complete the Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3? achievement.


Enter the door at the top of the Goat Tower in the spawn field to discover Goat Castle. This will unlock the achievement.

Goat of the hill

Climb up to the top of the crane, out along on the boom arm and then jump on top of it to reach the cable (you won't be able to jump high enough unless you're Angel Goat). Climb all the way up to the where the golden goat statue is to get this achievement. If you had a fisheye lens strapped to your horns and a YouTube channel, you'd be a star!

What is its purpose?

Find Goathenge at the top of the large field near where you spawn and trash the place.

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