Ghost Whisperer Meets Medium

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt is coming to terms with the fact that CBS – having rescued Medium from the axe over at NBC – will be screening it on Friday nights following Ghost Whisperer next US TV season.

“It’s the weirdest thing” she told SFX at a press conference on Saturday. “Just because I hope that people will be okay with two hours of female mediums and ghost activity.”

But Hewitt, who's now also a producer on Ghost Whisperer, reckons, “I feel no competition with Medium. I thank Medium, because when we were shooting our pilot, Medium was just getting ready to go on air. They’re really only six to ten months ahead of us in terms of how long we’ve been around. And I remember thinking, ‘If they can open the door, we'll be okay. And if they don’t open the door then I’m not sure what will happen to us.’ And they did an amazing job, getting people to think, ‘Oh, the supernatural, I'm okay about letting that into my home every week.’

“So we're really happy to have them join our little Friday night family. And we’re hoping that it’ll be a good, powerful evening. The only thing that I am personally concerned about on any kind of level, is that I don’t want to do similar storylines. I think my job as a producer, along with the other producers, is making sure that both shows are in extreme contact, going, ‘Okay this is where we're going to go, so you have to go there later. Oh, you’re going there now? Okay, we'll move ours.’ So that the viewing audience gets the best versions of those two shows moving along together.

“But other than that, I’m really excited for Melinda to lead into Allison. That's exciting.”

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