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Get every Harry Potter film on Blu-ray for less than $50 and cosy up with over 19 hours of magical movie-watching

Harry Potter movie deal

These days I really don't blame you for wanting to take a break from reality, and with the Harry Potter Blu-Ray box set on sale for under $50 from Amazon it's never been more tempting to say 'to hell with it', lock your door, get a mountain of snacks ready, and binge the entire 8-movie series and just forget the world exists for 19 hours. If you're after another entertainment delight, take a look at our Cyber Monday Blu-Ray and DVD deals

With the holiday season fast approaching, for anyone scrambling to get Christmas presents this box set is a surefire way to please someone with the disposition of Umbridge. Ok, that might be an exaggeration. She is awful. But as most of you reading this will hopefully be on holiday soon, ready to gorge yourself on turkey while inhaling the smell of pine, there’s few ways better to relax in the evenings than putting on a movie. Especially one filled with as much magic and wonderment as the Harry Potter series. Gorging your eyeballs on the movies is a great way to refresh yourself on the lore and remind yourself just how much Grindelwald paved the way for Voldemort. *Shudder*

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