This Doom Eternal price for PC is an absolute bargain and is the lowest it has ever been

This UK Doom Eternal price for PC is an absolute bargain and is the lowest it has ever been
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If you've read the reviews, seen the gameplay and now are perusing all the Doom Eternal price listings you can find in order to pick your copy up - and if you're on PC - then this is the place to be. Right now you can get the latest from id Software and Bethesda for just £29.99 in the UK over at CDkeys. This is a terrific price for a very recent game and one of such a high profile too. There is a lower-than-normal price available for our US friends too at CDkeys but it's still temptingly low: you can get it for $46.19 right now.

In our Doom Eternal review, Josh said "It's a fast, smart, and frantic shooter that seems to find real delight in testing your endurance. It's an outrageous and ridiculous pantomime where you are bound by blood to the unrelenting cadence of the action." The rest of us can't wait to get into it and so might be all over this deal ourselves.

This is the perfect companion for those with one of the best gaming laptops or best gaming PCs as running Doom Eternal at exquisitely smooth framerates and on some high settings is a thing of genuine beauty.

Doom Eternal | PC | UK/EU key | just £29.99 at CDkeys

Doom Eternal | PC | UK/EU key | just £29.99 at CDkeys
This is the best price we've seen for Doom Eternal, and given its so soon after release, this will make some people's day - it may ruin others' who dipped in earlier.) Also includes the Rip and Tear DLC.

Doom Eternal | PC | US/Global key | just $46.19 at CDkeys

Doom Eternal | PC | US/Global key | just $46.19 at CDkeys
Not quite as deep a price cut in the US but this is still well below the list price for the game. If you haven't jumped on this game yet, then now is prime time to do it. You're also getting the Rip and Tear DLC here.

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Make sure you're all set for your new adventures across Doom's hellscape with one of the best gaming monitors and one of the best gaming headsets. And to keep those viral hellspawn out of your PC, check out our guide to the best antivirus software - we've covered free and paid options.

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