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Get a cheap tablet now with this Samsung Tab sale and save a fortune compared to iPads

Get a cheap tablet now with this Samsung Tab sale and save a fortune compared to iPads
(Image credit: Samsung/Future)

If you've been after a cheap tablet this winter then Best Buy has you pretty well covered right now - if you prefer an android slab that is. And specifically the Samsung Tabs and Galaxy Tabs.

Covering both ends of the price spectrum, there's a bunch of Samsung tablets on offer right now but a couple stand out for us depending on where your budget lies, but the fact remains that Samsung's tablets ooze quality: the S5e (on offer below) is number two on our best gaming tablet guide.

The pick of the budget bunch is the modestly sized - in every way - 7-inch Tab A that comes in at only $99.99. Yes, you'd probably prefer a bit more onboard storage to ensure you never get in trouble with updates to firmware and apps becoming too bloated in your tablet, but getting a lovely tab that can be held in one hand (pretty much) for 100 bucks is a great deal.

At the premium end of the scale, there's the 10.5-inch Tab S5e, with 64GB of memory, going for $349.99 - a solid saving of $50. These have some of the best screens and performance going when it comes to tablets and so getting a premium model like this with such a solid discount is genuinely good going.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A | 7-inch | 8GB | only $96.60 at Walmart (save $30)
A terrific little tablet. If you're only after something for watching and some light play, then the 8GB capacity shouldn't worry you at all, and this tablet will do you well.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Tab E | 9.6-inch | 16GB | just $129.99 at Best Buy (save $70)
The value on this one is excellent given the discount and the original, price. All-round it improves on everything the A does. If you want something more, then the premium models kick in below.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Tab A | 10.1-inch | 32GB | $199.99 at Best Buy
An excellent entry point into the premium range, the discount on this slab brings it under the $200 mark - nicely within impulse purchase territory.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e | 10.5-inch | 64GB | $349.99 at Best Buy (save $50)
The pick of the premium bunch without the need to spend massive amounts of cash, this premium S5e tab is a great bit of kit and well worth your time and money if you're looking for a quality portable screen and machine.View Deal

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