How to get Caliber in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Caliber
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Caliber in The First Descendant is a special currency that funds the game's microtransactions, used to buy characters, cosmetics, rewards and more besides. Alongside with Gold, it's probably one of the most important currencies in The First Descendant, though you might notice that obtaining it is a lot harder to do. Below we've explained how you can get Caliber - but be warned, there's only one way, and you can probably guess what it is.

How to earn The First Descendant Caliber currency

The First Descendant Caliber

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Caliber in The First Descendant can only be obtained by paying money, you cannot get Caliber for free in-game through any route at time of writing. No enemy will drop it, no mission will reward you with Caliber, and there's no means to unlock it that doesn't involve a cash payment. It's possible that'll change with future updates, but there's no reason to suspect anything any time soon.

If you want Caliber you can get it by opening the main menu by pausing the game, and scrolling to the leftmost "Shop" tab. At the bottom of the various things you can buy, you'll see Caliber, which can be bought in various quantities for various prices: 

How much does Caliber cost in The First Descendant?

Four characters aiming at a huge, mechanical enemy in The First Descendant.

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  • 5,750 Caliber - £79.99/$99.99
  • 3,920 Caliber - £57.98/$69.99
  • 2,750 Caliber - £39.98/$49.99
  • 1,060 Caliber - £15.98/$19.99
  • 520 Caliber - £7.99/$9.99
  • 250 Caliber - £3.98.$4.99

Caliber is also a reward for the paid Premium Battle Pass track, with numerous dribs and drabs of the currency awarded to you, but again - that will cost you money to earn. Fortunately, while Caliber does gate off some of the game's more interesting rewards, big elements like earning The First Descendant best characters can be done in-game the long way around, at the process detailed in the attached guide.

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