How to start GTA Online Dispatch Work for the LSPD

GTA Online Dispatch Work
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GTA Online Dispatch Work provides you with another opportunity to collaborate with LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger, completing off-the-books missions that the cops can't be seen to be directly linked to. This fits the overall vibe of taking the law into your own hands that's running through the GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update, though you can't jump straight into it as you need to make a significant investment in a law enforcement vehicle first. To find out more, here's how to start Dispatch Work in GTA Online.

How to access GTA Online Dispatch Work

GTA Online Dispatch Work vehicle choice

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To access GTA Online Dispatch Work, you first need to own an appropriate police vehicle, and there are a selection to choose from including the GTA Online Police Cruiser – but none of them are cheap, so you'll need to have a decent bank balance before you can start in this line of business. The following six rides can all be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry website:

  • Dorado Cruiser - $5,005,000 ($3,753,750 trade price unlocked by completing Officer Monitored Dispatch Work)
  • Gauntlet Interceptor - $5,420,000 ($4,065,000 trade price unlocked by completing the GTA Online Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid as leader)
  • Greenwood Cruiser - $4,910,000 ($3,682,500 trade price unlocked by completing five Dispatch Works)
  • Impaler SZ Cruiser - $4,720,000 ($3,540,000 trade price unlocked by completing Possession for Sale Dispatch Work)
  • Stanier LE Cruiser - $4,690,000 ($3,517,500 trade price unlocked after finding evidence at a GTA Online Crime Scene)
  • Unmarked Cruiser - $3,950,000 ($2,962,500 trade price unlocked by completing The Gangbanger Robbery via GTA Online Salvage Yard as leader)
  • Note that the Park Ranger vehicle cannot be used for Dispatch Work

As some of those trade prices can only be unlocked by completing Dispatch Work they won't help when you're first starting out, though it's worth meeting any of the other requirements if you can to save yourself a lot of money. My personal recommendation is the Gauntlet Interceptor, as it's powerful, fast, and looks pretty damn cool as well.

How to start Dispatch Work missions in GTA Online

GTA Online Dispatch Work

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Once you enter a law enforcement vehicle you own, you can start Dispatch Work missions in GTA Online by clicking the right stick – you have to own the vehicle to do this, so you can't just steal a random cop car to shortcut through the process. Do this and you'll hear a quick acknowledgement from Vincent, then see a further prompt to accept Dispatch Work. With that confirmed, Vincent will give you a full briefing for your mission, then it's up to you how you complete it. Remember, you can click the left stick to turn on your sirens which can help when moving through traffic, and for added authenticity there are a number of GTA Online Police Uniforms you can access to look the part, though naturally this is just cosmetic and has no bearing on the outcome of your Dispatch Work.

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