Everything in the GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update

GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update
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The GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update launched on June 25 and introduced a range of new features, with a number of them based around work on the right side of the law – or at least helping the LSPD deal with problems they can't be seen to be taking care of themselves. As well as the usual influx of new vehicles there are also various general improvements to the overall GTA Online experience, though controversially at least one quality-of-life feature players have wanted for ages is locked behind the GTA+ paywall. For the lowdown on this content drop, here's everything you need to know about the Bottom Dollar Bounties update in GTA Online.

Bounty Hunting is at the core of the GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update

GTA Online Bounty Hunting

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As the Bottom Dollar Bounties title of this update suggests, the biggest inclusion is the addition of a new GTA Online Bounty Hunting business. This sees you working with Maude Eccles and her daughter Jenette as a bail enforcement agent, claiming bounties by tracking down and capturing rogue criminals then bringing them in. Securing your targets alive will earn a much higher bounty payout, so it's worth getting hold of the GTA Online stun gun to incapacitate them if they try to fight back.

Dispatch Work is also available from Vincent Effenburger to assist the LSPD

GTA Online Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid

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In a similar vein to those Bounty Hunting assignments, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update also teams you up with LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger once again, to complete off-the-books GTA Online Dispatch Work and deliver justice on the streets of Southern San Andreas. You'll need to own a law enforcement vehicle such as the GTA Online Police Cruiser before you can take on these jobs, and while not essential there are also ways to acquire GTA Online Police Uniforms so you can look the part.

There are plenty of fresh rides with the Bottom Dollar Bounties update

GTA Online new cars - Dorado Cruiser

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If you're looking to expand your vehicle collection then you're in luck, as there are plenty of GTA Online new cars available to purchase with the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. These already include the Overflod Pipistrello supercar and three fresh law enforcement vehicles, with more being drip-fed over the weeks and months following launch.

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