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Funko Fair 2021
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Funko Fair 2021

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Funko Fair 2021 is winding down for the year, but it's still got some cool announcements up its sleeve. Namely, Disney had its day in the sun with Pops celebrating Lilo and Stitch, Reya and the Last Dragon, Pixar's upcoming movie Luca, and the 70th anniversary of its take on Alice in Wonderland. There's also what might be the cutest damn Pop we've ever seen in the form of Pinocchio's Cleo and Figaro. 

The rest of the week has been equally stuffed. Besides a Falcon and Winter Soldier set, Funko Fair 2021 brought us everything from a clutch of WandaVision figures to merch based on His Dark Materials. Even toys inspired by older movies like The Goonies and The Mummy (the Brendan Fraser one, that is) are now on the way, not to mention TV classics such as Frasier. Ben Solo and other Star Wars Pops are joining the fray too.

All of the Funko Fair announcements have been listed below, and we'll be adding more as and when they appear (we've still got a couple of reveals left, but they'll be entirely focused on DC). Don't worry about missing the boat, either - we've included pre-order links for them as well.

Funko Fair 2021 - Disney

Funko Fair 2021 celebrated both Disney's past and present with, among others, newcomer Raya and a Stitch figure playing the Ukulele. Some of the sweetest ones are modelled after Pinocchio (complete with a sparkly, oh-so-cheerful version of Jiminy Cricket), but the 70th Anniversary Alice in Wonderland range - featuring the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat - is also charming.

Meanwhile, the Raya and the Last Dragon set gives us our best look yet at the characters from the upcoming animated flick. It's our first good glimpse of the villain, for example, a badass-looking warrior named Namaari. It raises some interesting questions, too. More specifically, what are the Ongi?

You can see everything that was announced in the gallery above, and pre-order links are available below.

US pre-orders

UK pre-orders

Funko Fair 2021 - Star Wars

The Funko Fair was a big deal for Star Wars. Besides Ben Solo and a yellow saber-wielding Rey (finally!), it brought us the very first Mandalorian Funko keychains, mystery minis based on the series, various pins from the original trilogy, and themed Valentine's Day Pops that star characters from a galaxy far, far away. They're even holding heart-shaped chocolate boxes. D'aww.

You'll find pre-order links and release dates for each of the Pops below.

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Funko Fair 2021 - Marvel

There's been plenty of Marvel goodness at the Funko Fair so far, ranging from the stars of WandaVision to Miles Morales figures that are inspired by his recent in-game costumes. Deadpool has snuck in there too in honor of the character's 30th anniversary, while the Falcon and the Winter Soldier set is getting us hyped for the upcoming Disney Plus show. Finally, Infinity Warp Funkos round out the collection. There's even a special street art Pop in honor of the late Stan Lee, but that one's exclusive to certain stores so is harder to get hold of.

You'll find all the links you need here along with estimated release dates.

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Funko Fair 2021 - Movies and TV

The silver and small screens have had loads of new Pops added to their ranks as a result of the Funko Fair. And we mean loads. If you don't include the Star Wars and Marvel figures listed above, there are at least 50 on the docket from Rick and Morty to Frasier. However, the standouts would have to be the new Godzilla vs Kong collection: it's an impressive range with attitude to spare despite the figs' dinky statures. We're also big fans of the His Dark Materials line, to say nothing of the 90's Mummy. 

As before, you'll find all the links you need below. Just be warned, plenty of shows like The Office are only available at select stores (boo).

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Funko Fair 2021 - Anime

Anime fans are getting plenty of representation at the Funko Fair 2021; Dragon Ball Z season 8, Saint Seiya, Naruto, One Piece, and more will receive new Pop figures throughout this year. There's plenty of variety - we're talking dozens of figures - so be sure to have a browse.

We've listed all of the pre-order deals we could find right here to make sure you don't miss out.

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UK pre-orders

Funko Fair 2021 - video games

There aren't as many video game-inspired Pops this year, but the ones we've got from Funko Fair 2021 are pretty tempting nonetheless. First up is a handful of new Pokemon to join Funko's steadily-growing range. More specifically, we're getting finally getting Meowth to go with Psyduck, a shiny metallic Bulbasaur, and a Pikachu in attack mode (it's still cute even while furious). There are some Five Nights at Freddy's action figures as well, to say nothing of an impressive Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Pop and male Eivor figures from Assassin's Creed.

We've listed all the offers we could find right here, along with the approximate release date. Oh, and be aware that the very cool Assassin's Creed Valhalla Pops are a GameStop exclusive.

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Funko Fair 2021 - sports and wrestling

Sports and wrestling had their day in the spotlight mid-way through the Funko Fair, and we're now getting a couple of iconic WWE wrestlers and moments (featuring the Rock vs Stone Cold, among others) to go with more than a few famous NBA faces. Major League Baseball royalty is also being miniaturized thanks to Pop figures modelled after players from the Dodgers, the Braves, the Brewers, the Cubs, and beyond.

You can find all of the current offers below along with the estimated release date. However, bear in mind that the Rock vs Mankind set is exclusive to Walmart.

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