So who’s the bright spark who thought it was a good idea to hold the SFX Weekender two days before deadline week?

If FROM THE OFFICE started with a sponsor’s message, this week it would be courtesy of the kind folk at Nescafé, Starbucks and Lemsip, because after a riotous few days in Camber Sands the SFX team are suffering from the after-effects of the SFX Weekender 2 – primarily a level of sleep deprivation that would be classified as torture under the Geneva convention.

Despite a post-Weekender haze there was a bit of excitement in the office on Wednesday when it suddenly occurred to the team that issue 206 was on sale up and down the land that very day. It’s easy to forget such things when you’ve got the small matter of a live on-stage interview with George Takei, or Keeley Hawes, or Craig Charles on your mind. Grab a copy today for features on Sucker Punch , Drive Angry and the full list of SFX Awards Winners, including the all-important Sexiest Male/Female!

It’s saying something when a Doctor Who set visit and a chat with Howard Overman about Misfits series three aren’t the most exciting things to come out of SFX Towers in a given week, but the SFX Weekender trumps them both (well, just). We could go on for hours about our highlights: hanging out with Steven Moffat and Russell Tovey in the bar, the subscribers' breakfast, the SFX Awards, Dave Golder getting his head shaved (see below), The Llama God’s ingenious Maskerade costume (okay, bit of a stretch to call that one a “highlight”). But more importantly, the team would like to extend their thanks to each and every person who showed up to support our little sci-fi extravaganza. The reaction on the forum has been overwhelming and much appreciated. Roll on Prestatyn in 2012!

Rich is still in a post-Pontin’s daze. He’s still not quite sure how to adapt to the world that exists after the Weekender. Dave and Jon meanwhile are downstairs, but not for long because as announced at the SFX Weekender, from issue 208 the magazine will regenerate into its shiny new format. Don’t fret, we’re not throwing out the baby with the bathwater though, the content and features you know and love will remain largely the same, we’re simply giving it a swish makeover. Find out what all the fuss is about on 6 April.

Nick is still comprehensively zonked from the Weekender. We blame the all-consuming adrenalin rush of interviewing Keeley Hawes live on stage - he's still proud of the tough, interrogative journalism of asking her "So, Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet?" - though the first ten minutes of Outcasts sent him into a state of catatonic shutdown that he's still trying to shift. He's also trying to recover from the macho foolishness of his 5.30 am confrontation with the drunken man storming around Pontins. Tip to Nick: this is not a good idea if a) he's bigger than you and b) you're in your boxers. More happily, he spent Saturday night at the bar with Steven Moffat, having a magnificently geeky discussion of all things Bond. He'll never be able to watch On Her Majesty's Secret Service in the same way again.

Jordan, on the other hand, is starting to think he might be the only person in the country who actually quite likes what he’s seen of Outcasts so far. A bit dull, yes, but he’s a glutton for punishment - “the bleaker the better” he was heard muttering at one point. He obviously derives too much pleasure from work and life in general; tea duties for the next week it is.

Ian's had a very Welsh week. It was off to Cardiff last week for Torchwood: Miracle Day interviews with Eve Myles, John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer and Russell T Davies; then back to Cardiff again yesterday for Doctor Who , meeting Matt, Karen, Arthur and guest star Hugh Bonneville, and finally getting the chance to have a sneaky wander around that magnificent new TARDIS set (cor, it's lovely). And he managed both trips without accidentally getting caught up in any kinky sexual scenarios, despite what watching Being Human had led him to expect. Result! Sadly, he can't tell you anything he learnt - except, perhaps, that Hugh Bonneville is surprisingly fond of wine gums.

Ade is in London town seeing the film Paul today, but is still feeling the effects of the Weekender. His Facebook page over the last two days has been tagged with so many fab pictures from the weekend (many he can’t remember ever being taken) and he would like to thank everyone for making it one hell of a Weekender to remember, especially those who won items in the Charity Auction, which has made over £2,000 so far for Great Ormond Street.


Random Quote Of The Week: “Be more absorbent, you bastard!”

Whose Shoes? A Converse special! (last week’s answer: it was Rob’s desk - and yes, you have to guess all three)

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