We send another issue on its merry way to the printers and can’t seem to keep away from London in this week’s peek behind the blast doors

SFX Towers may be down in numbers this week with Russell, Jon and Nick all away on post-deadline breaks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating by consuming copious quantities of booze in the local dolly tub this evening. Or, if any of the higher ups are reading, sensible levels of alcoholic beverages to keep us in high spirits while ensuring we’re in tip top shape for work tomorrow. Phew! Think we covered our tracks.

That’s right, SFX 212 has barely been on shelves for a fortnight but 213 is already in the bag and we’re well underway on 214. Confusing, huh? It’s enough to put you off numbers forever. Not Dave Golder, however, who is more than a little obsessed with stats and graphs. So imagine his delight when he was given a whole new analytical toolkit to play with for’s new video system. In fact the only thing that makes him happier is the mention of Sean Bean – but that’s a story for another day.

Speaking of Dave G he’s in London today for a screening of fighting robots flick Real Steel and an interview with the invincible Rory, aka Arthur Darvill – riding the rough with the smooth. Dave B meanwhile is man who’s never off deadline. Being the editor-in-chief of SFX’s whole portfolio means if it isn’t the monthly mag it’s the latest special, or Comic Heroes, or the website, or…. Oh, you get the idea.

Rich just taken advantage of 213 going to the printers with a couple of nights at the cinema: Captain America (liked it, particularly the retro stylings, but not as in love with it as some of the team) and Bridesmaids (not SFX territory, but highly recommended). Otherwise it's a day of going through fresh and shiny news copy, intensive emailing and writing reviews.

There may be chaos on the streets, but it seems Jordan couldn’t keep away from London this week, the young tyke rocking on down to the big smoke last Thursday for some one on one time with True Blood ’s Joe Manganiello (he plays werewolf Alcide) and new Batman game Arkham City . It was a larger than life day with Mangianello closer to a tree trunk in size than the average homo sapien and the Arkham City demo taking place on an enormous cinema screen – something he’s always dreamed of doing (playing a game on a cinema screen that is, not meeting a giant). From there he spent the weekend oop North, returning to his roots, before rushing home to Bath in the wee hours of Monday evening only to be glued to the start of the apocalypse on rolling news till 2am. Barely five hours later and he was on a train to London yet again to visit the set of Misfits series three. He’s been sworn to secrecy on pain of lacto-kinetic torture, but would like to reassure anyone concerned the show won’t be as good without Robert Sheehan that there’s nothing to worry about – Joe Gilgun/Rudy is AMAZE-O-TRON. Yep, he's that good we had to make up a gibberish word to describe him.


Random Quote Of The Week : “I like my SFX crunchy.”

Whose Glasses? : (last week’s answer: it was Ian’s t shirt!)

Jordan Farley

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