Team SFX , back together at last and your chance to win a bunch of Comic-Con swag in this week's peek behind the blast doors

There was an alignment as rare as a triple eclipse in the office this week. No, we haven’t started up a synchronised swimming team. For the first day in yonks every member of team SFX (including publisher Clair) could be found in SFX Towers. Oh, hang on, Adrian was off sick. Almost every member of team SFX could be found in SFX Towers. As good a reason as any to celebrate, we’re sure you’ll agree, so tonight the team are heading down to the pub (conveniently located mere feet away from our front door) for a payday night on the town. If is a bit quiet tomorrow, now you know why.

That’s not all we have to celebrate. This week SFX issue 212 and our Top 100 Icons special both went on sale in fine retail establishments across the land, and the odd outlet in cyberspace (opens in new tab) . And there’s more because this week saw the return of Ian (remember him?) from his three-month sabbatical – you can read about that later – and our intrepid Comic-Con travellers Dave B, Rich and Ade.

Aside from regaling us with tales of close encounters with Eliza Dushku and bonkers foreign journalists at the Walking Dead breakfast, sleep (or a lack there of) has been top of the agenda. Dave B is horribly jetlagged, having been up until 3am unable to sleep. Still, at least he got some Comic-Con transcription done. He is, of course, completely ready for bed right about now so you can fully expect to see him sleeping underneath his desk later. Rich too, is coming to terms with being back in the UK, and getting ready to transcribe like crazy – his penance for going to Comic-Con.

Dave and Rich also returned with tons of Comic-Con swag and lovely American chocolate, which you can win! (not the chocolate, we already scoffed that). There’s two of the show’s enormous swag bags (one a limited edition Real Steel bag), Walking Dead / Star Wars transfers, a Falling Skies pin badge, a commemorative magazine and more! To win, simply identify the mystery owner of today’s "Whose T shirt?" in the comments section below and we’ll pick a winner using the tried and tested point-a-finger-at-the-screen-with-your-eyes-closed method.

Our reviews editor Ian is finally back in the office after a three-month sabbatical, which he spent mooching around at home “just chilling out and, y’know, doing stuff ”. At least, we think it’s Ian. It certainly looks like him, but Ian doesn’t normally exude an air of Zen calm – and he didn’t have reading specs before either. Maybe it’s some sort of short-sighted clone. We’re into the fourth day now and we still haven’t heard him scream “MOTHERF***KERS!!!” at the top of his lungs, or Hulk smash his PC. How long will this period of serenity last? The smart money is on about a week and a half...

Jordan finally overcame his intense hatred of RPGs and started playing Mass Effect this last week. He’s already blitzed his way through the first game and is now a full 16 hours into the second. Social life, who needs one? His decision to start playing was in no way spurred on by the fact you can sleep with Yvonne Strathovski in the game. Honest.

Today is Ade’s first day back in the office after a week away in San Diego. He’s still jetlagged, but what the hell because he's still beaming from meeting Daniel Craig, and Matt Smith (see above).


Random Quote Of The Week: “In the real world, werewolves would all wear slip-ons or flip-flops.”

Whose t shirt? (last week’s answer: it was Dave Golder's t shirt!)

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