News on a new look for the SFX website, Comic-Con scheming and a bumper mailbag in this week’s From The Office

SFX towers is in a state of post-deadline tranquillity this week after we sent our latest paper and ink baby to the printers. It’s not like we’ve got our feet up while casually tossing Captain America pop up frisbees around the office though, because with work on issue 213 to be done, a website relaunch just round the corner (website relaunch! Yup, more on that later) and San Diego Comic-Con looming like a giant zeppelin of geekery on the horizon, it’s even busier than usual round these parts.

That said the team is down three today with Rich taking a break in the country before jetting off to San Diego next week, while Russell and Ade are in London on business. Which in our line of work means watching films and/or interviewing people. Speaking of Comic Con, forget Hall H, any readers lucky enough to be attending this year should make it a priority to check out the SFX stand (number 1502) where we’ll be giving away free mini issues , bags and will be hosting signings and meet-the-writer/artist sessions across the four days.

For those whose experience of Comic-Con will be strictly limited to a computer monitor (let’s face it, 99.9% of us) we’ve good news the SFX website is getting a makeover next Thursday to make navigation a joy just in time for the biggest event in the geek calendar (apart from the SFX Weekender of course). Check back next week for the next stage in’s evolution – and the next exciting instalment of From The Office of course.

Craving more wholesome SFX goodness, but already read issue 211? Don’t forget our latest special, dedicated to all things anime , is on sale for just one more week. It’s your last chance to get a giant Girl Who Leapt Through Time / Summer Wars double-sided poster and three free episodes of Sacred Blacksmith on DVD (as well as some of the top writing this side of the Land of the Rising Sun) so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Dave and Rob have collaborated on a new mysterious venture (though Rob did most of the work), fuelled by two bottle of wine and some port, which should premiere on the relaunched SFX website soon. Hang on. Relaunched SFX website? Yes, it’s happening next Thursday don’t forget and consuming way too much of Dave G’s time, so apologies if some regular website feature go missing over the next week.

Having once again moved house, this time to Bristol, and with his girlfriend and cat in tow, Rob is currently revelling in domestic bliss while trying to figure out the best place for his excessive comics collection. He's spent this week tramping the streets of Bath on a top secret SFX special mission, and is heading to that there London tomorrow to interview the mighty Jonathan Ross. He's also chuffed to bits with Team SFX 's birthday present scheming, it was well worth the wait.

Jordan has been getting far too excited about his new business cards courtesy of SFX and has spent the week itching to speak to someone, anyone about Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two , which he saw last week at a preview screening ( check out his review to see exactly what he thought). In giddy anticipation of Star Wars on Blu-ray he also decided to play The Force Unleashed II this week – despite the disapproval of fellow journos on SFX ’s sister gaming mags – and managed to complete it in barely more than an evening. His verdict – lacks the force it does. He also spent yesterday afternoon feeling a little dirty after sneaking a peek at the leaked Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer. Even ninety seconds of shockingly poor quality shaky cam was enough to send it rocketing to the top of his most anticipated list of 2012. 372 days, 7 hours to go…


Random Quote Of The Week : “That’s the most phallic looking edible thing I’ve ever seen.”

Whose t shirt? (last week’s answer: the stuff was from Ade’s pockets!)

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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