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The office Christmas party leaves team SFX a little worse for wear on the morning after…

There’s a certain school of thought (otherwise known as common sense) that says mid-week office parties are a very bad idea. Unfortunately SFX rarely subscribes to such sensible ways of thinking, particularly when there’s free booze involved, which is why the hungover inhabitants of SFX Towers are shuffling about like the living dead today. All while trying to send issue 205 off to the printers before the Christmas break.

As for the party, there might not have been people dressed up like Daleks or Pat Sharp manning the decks like at the SFX Weekender, but it was an epic evening for the entire team – a circus themed shindig with an open bar, sultry lady gymnasts, a test of strength, hoopla and (best of all) a dodgems! We’ll be taking most of the evening’s events to the grave, but here are a few things we learnt from the office Christmas party:

  • Ian goes a little nuts on the dodgems, hammering the accelerate pedal so aggressively last night that he temporarily lost all feeling in his right leg. He also screams “kill” continuously while driving and has a bit of a sore throat now.
  • Never eat free burgers.
  • Rosie Fletcher from Total Film has an uncanny ability to materialise with bottles of beer every time one was required. We have renamed her The Magic Beer Fairy in honour of this.
  • Jordan is able to recite the lyrics to the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme tune (including the verse not usually on the show) from heart and Ian discovered he knows a surprising amount of the lyrics to “Jump Around”.
  • Future Christmas raffles are a swizz.
  • Being a celebrity DJ from Massive Attack seems to involve standing around while someone at the back does all the work.
  • When presented with a choice of six different types of whisky asking to try all of them is never a good plan…
  • …Neither is asking for a bottle wine and four glasses, and then getting rid of the glasses, which was Russell and Dave G's cunning plan for the evening.

Speaking of Russell the fact he resembles the living dead after consuming way too much beer, gin, Guinness, whiskey and wine at the Christmas party was a happy coincidence as today was the morning he had to do the photo shoot for the ed’s page of his vampire special. Needless to say hair and make-up was not required!

Dave and Jon are downstairs… and Ade is putting his finishing touches to SFX 205 before heading for the festive hills. Where on earth has this year gone he wonders!


Random Quote Of The Week: “I knew, two and a half bottles in, it was time to go home.”

Whose Shoes? (last week’s answer: they were Kirky’s bat-boots!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.