Friday News Link-A-Mania

David Fincher Talks Rama
Dark Horizons is carrying an interview with David Fincher in which he talks about his planned adaptation of Arthur C Clark’s Rendezvous with Rama: "When they're happy with [the script], they'll send it to me. It's a project I've always loved. It's probably technologically within striking distance right now. That was always the thing: You couldn't afford to build these things as sets. It's just too huge… The great thing about [Arthur C.] Clarke and the same things that make it hard to translate in 2008, it's the source material. There are people who love Dragonfly and the whole notion of that. It's hard for me to see it in my head and not think that it's going to be goofy. I love the Melting Sea and all that stuff. The interior of Rama is amazing, but there's a lot of stuff in what I call the Andromeda Strain part of the story that doesn't work for me. In '72, this was cutting edge, but it's been done so many times in the interim and that makes it very difficult. I think it has to be re-invented."

Guild nominations for Lost and Pushing Daisies
The pilot episode of Pushing Daisies ("Pie-lette"), the third season finale of Lost ("Through the Looking Glass") and mid season Lost episode "The Brig" (highlight only if you’ve seen season three: the one with Locke discovering his "dad" on the island ) have all been nominated for awards by the Directors’ Guild of America awards.

A pilot for an SF show written by Invasion creator Shaun Cassidy has been given the greenlight as a TV movie for Fox instead, reports Sci Fi Wire . Inseperable is a modern day Jekyll and Hyde-style story about a partially paralysed forensic psychiatrist whose alter ego is a charismatic criminal. Cassidy (who was also a motivating force behind that old SFX fave, American Gothic) managed to finish the script before the writers’ strike commenced. It’s possible the TV movie could still spawn a series when the strike is over.

Lensman to be lensed?
EE "Doc" Smith’s grandson and manager of his estate has told Sci Fi Wire that director Ron Howard’s production company and Universal are in negotiations to buy the rights to grandpop’s Lensman series of novels. First published in the ’30s, these books are widely regarded as a seminal influence on the space opera genre.

Hairy Hayek
Salma Hayak will play a bearded lady in the Universal horror flick Cirque du Freak, according to Coming Soon . The film, to be directed by Paul (American Pie) Weitz, is about a vampire circus and a war between the bloodsuckers and the "Vampanese". The Greatest Show in the Underworld , perhaps?

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