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Friday Link-A-Mania

Voyage Of The Dawn Writer
Now that 20th Century Fox has stepped in to save the Narnia franchise dropped by Disney last year, things are moving full steam ahead with the announcement that Michael Petroni has been signed to write the script, reports Variety . Petroni has previously worked on Afterlife and The Book Thief. The film is due for a summer 2010 release. Fox is apparently keen for the tone of the film to return of the magic and adventure of the first movie rather then the Lord Of The Rings-lite grimness of the second, which floundered in the US, though had respectable box office world wide.

Paquin A Fangbanger For Real… Sort Of
True Blood stars Anna (Sookie) Paquin and Stephen (Vampire Bill) Moyer are not just snogging on screen; they’ve been fating in real life, according to E! Online . Apparently, they even kept their affair secret from the other cast and crew during the shooting of the show’s first season, but are now learning their lines together for season two in their LA home.

Mighty Aphrodite
Top Cow comic Aphrodite IX is to become a 3D movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter . It's the story of a female cyborg assassin who becomes self-aware and goes in search of her origins.