Friday Link-A-Mania

Doctor Who Casting Confirmed
The BBC has now officially confirmed that Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans will appear in the Easter Doctor Who special. According to the press release (mild spoiler alert): Ryan will play, "the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza who joins the Doctor on a bus trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger.” Noma Dumezweni also returns as Captain Erisa Magambo, who featured in "Turn Left".

Witch Watch
American TV network ABC has given Warner TV the thumbs up to produce a pilot for The Witches of Eastwick. The show is based on the John Updike book that was turned into a 1987 film starring Jack Nicholson. As Variety points out, Warners produced an Eastwick pilot back in 2002 for Fox, but that was never picked up for a series. Maybe because there was already a show about three suburban witches on air…?

Coraline Trailer Will Freak Koumpounophobes
Neil Gaiman goes all Hitchcock on us, with a cameo appearance in a freaky new trailer for his the animated version of his book, Coraline. He tells us all that buttons are nothing to be afraid of, while simultaneously making them the freakiest thing ever.

Muppets Get Scrubbed
Not strictly SFX territory, but we know you love Muppets, and the concept is bizarre enough, so we thought you might like a heads up that some of the stars of Sesame Street will be guest starring on an episode of Scrubs to air in the States next week. Muppets making an appearance include Elmo, Grover and Oscar the Grouch. Trailers for the episode have also featured Miss Piggy and Kermit.

Dollhouse’s Jiminy Cricket
Sci Fi Wire has an exclusive interview with Harry Lennix, who plays operative handler Boyd Langdon on Dollhouse: "He's really not so much the conscience of it. He's not really so much the kind of spiritual base, but he's the guy that asks the question why? Why are we doing this and what are the consequences of what we're doing? So whenever that happens, I think that that in itself becomes the kind of dramatic core of the show. Why? The person that asks the questions is the one that I think has the responsibility of providing those answers."

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