Friday Link-A-Mania

Mars Mystery Altered for the US
The mystery behind why cop Sam Tyler finds himself in the past will be altered in the US remake version, reports SCI FI Wire , because the American producers thought the inconclusive ending to the British version was a bit wishy washy. "We talked to the creators of the BBC show and asked if we could change the mythology of Sam Tyler, and we got permission to do it," executive producer Josh Appelbaum said at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. "With this mythological element to it, it's not just a cop show, and if he was ultimately just in a coma or it was all a dream, it felt a bit unsatisfying. So we made it a deeper mystery. By the second episode, Tyler writes on a blackboard the 13 options of what could have happened to him. He could be in a separate plane of reality, two worlds at the same time."

Is Aronofsky Really Doing RoboCop?
We may have been slightly sceptical last week when we reported that MGM had been speaking to Darren (Pi, The Fountain) Aronofsky about directing the new RoboCop movie, but is now saying that it has inside info that the art-house director is close to signing. The site also says that the film will be a sequel, not a remake.

Insulted Performance Artist Sues Panda
Chinese performance artist Zhao Bandi, who uses pandas in all his work, is suing DreamWorks for insulting China’s national symbol with animated movie Kung Fu Panda, reports Variety . But since
a) he designs clothes for Panda prostitutes and b) the film has done huge business in China, so clearly most Chinese don’t feel insulted, shall we just assume – BIG publicity stunt?