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Four Lions First Look

Chris Morris, the satirically subversive brain, mouth, eyes and head behind Brasseye , The Day Today and Nathan Barley has a film at the Sundance film festival. It just might provoke a reaction.

Four Lions , a jidhadist comedy about a British gang of aspiring terrorists, was written by Morris and The Thick of It' s Jesse Armstrong and Peep Show 's Sam Bain.

Morris' feature film debut is one of the 116 films selected to screen at this year's Sundance film festival, and Four Lion 's premieres this Saturday.

The Guardian have been given an exclusive clip .

Morris has said he wants Four Lions to do for Islamist extremists what Dad's Army did for the Nazis.

Incase that needs clarifying, Morris wants to make the would-be terrorists look scary but ridiculous.

Are you ready for the furore from The Daily Mail...?