Fortnite's underwater "Atlantis" city is finally revealed, and it's called Coral Castle

(Image credit: Epic Games, YT Scannerbarkly)

Fortnite fans have received a surprise in the latest update – a previously underwater city called Coral Castle.

Season 3 has already made quite a splash with the introduction of rideable sharks and whirlpools, as well as a series of Fortnite Aquaman challenges with new rewards such as the Trident pickaxe you can unlock. 

Now Epic Games has extended its nautical theme by adding the new location just north of Sweaty Sands. Whilst the area was previously underwater owing to The Device, the lost city of Atlantis – or "Carl" as it's referred to in-game – has now been revealed. Here, take a peek (thanks, Gamespot):

In related Fortnite news, players hoping to hit the road in Fortnite will have to wait just a little longer to try out the upcoming addition of cars. 

In a recent tweet on Fortnite's official Twitter channel, Epic announced that we can "expect a few weeks until we're road ready", revealing that we won't be able to race about on four wheels for a little while longer. The addition of Fortnite Cars was first teased in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 gameplay trailer.

As Heather explained at the time, from recent leaks, we first learned that it looks like cars in Fortnite will require gas for you to put your pedal to the metal, and gas station locations set to come to the Fortnite map have already been popping up. 

Here's our handy guide to all of the Fortnite challenges.

Vikki Blake
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