Fortnite's "second peak" is coming, as its community dives into full-fledged Call of Duty gameplay

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A former FPS pro is anticipating Fortnite's "second peak" in light of user-created maps resembling Call of Duty.

Earlier this week, a user made waves in Fortnite Creative 2.0 mode after perfectly recreating the likes of Rust and Shipment, two classic Call of Duty maps beloved by players. Now, former Fortnite pro Myth is pointing to the coming year being huge for Fortnite, and potentially being the game's "second peak."

We're not entirely sure when Fortnite's first "peak" was, but it's a safe guess that Myth is referring to its prominence through 2018 and 2019. Nonetheless, the streamer clearly thinks big things are in store for Epic's game in 2023, and goes as far as to claim they called this a number of years ago, back when Fortnite Creative was added alongside the Battle Royale mode for the first time.

It's worth pointing out that Creative doesn't actually offer a Fortnite first person mode as of right now. The video we can see just above employs some back-end trickery via mods to get that first-person view, but users are still hopeful that first-person Fortnite could be a thing later this year (which it well could be, given that datamines recently pointed to a first-person mode in Fortnite).

Fortnite Creative is due to get a significant "2.0" overhaul at some point in the future, and Myth for one thinks this is when the first-person mode could debut. It's a reasonable line of thinking, and potentially opens up Fortnite Creative to an entirely new audience who, like the person who originally composed the Call of Duty maps, don't really feel like shelling out every year for a new entry in the shooter series.

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