Fortnite First Person Mode: What we know so far

Leaked images of Fortnite First Person mode in action
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite first person mode has been rumored for some time, with files relating to it being found in an update back in January, and it looks like it could be arriving soon. Of course, there are already a couple of individual weapons that allow you to aim down sights and briefly enter first person mode, but having it available as a permanent view option would be the biggest game changer in the battle royale since Zero Build mode was introduced. There are some that already approach Fortnite as an FPS, but this could take things to a whole new level of running and gunning. If you're ready to view the island from a different perspective, then here's what we know so far about first person mode in Fortnite.

When will Fortnite First Person Mode be available

Leaked images of Fortnite First Person mode in action

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Although Fortnite first person mode hasn't been officially confirmed by Epic yet, there is lots of evidence to suggest that it's coming to the battle royale soon. A 'reliable source' has been revealing information about the upcoming season, and has confirmed to HYPEX (opens in new tab), Shiina (opens in new tab), plus several other high profile Fortnite leakers that first person mode is on the way, and will arrive in Fortnite Season 2. It's likely that this will be a setting that players can choose based on personal preference, rather than a forced mode such as Zero Build, though a First Person playlist is also a possibility so that everyone is in the same position.

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The above video shows Fortnite first person mode in action, thanks to a Creative level created by MistJawaYT that recreates the Rust multiplayer map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Having this option available in Creative opens up a whole new world of possibilities, so be prepared for clones of every known FPS to appear once first person mode in Fortnite launches in the near future.

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