Mysterious Fortnite "Agents" are handing out phone numbers at the Durr Burger site: Here's what happens when you call it

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Fortnite continues to take over the world with its mega-popular battle royale action - and now we're to the point where its sprawling map is starting to merge with our reality. Last week, Twitter user Sela Shiloni stumbled upon the Durr Burger sign sitting in the middle of the desert near Palmdale, California, after the in-game version got sucked into an inter-dimensional tear at one of the Fortnite rift locations as part of  the momentous lead-up to Fortnite Season 5

Since then, fans have shared the coordinates of the Durr Burger site online, and many have turned up to see the giant plastic sandwich for themselves, but the plot - as they say - has thickened. Yesterday, while checking out the Durr Burger, Redditor Boiqqq caught a rare moment in which a curiously dressed man who referred to himself as Agent #3678 addressed the crowd by handing out cards and generally acting as strangely as he looked. The Agent claimed to know nothing of Fortnite or its impending fifth season, but the cards given out contained a phone number that could hold the key to the next step in Epic's ongoing ARG. 

If you ring the number, all you'll get is static noise (as seen in PC Gamer's video below), but there's a good chance that could change in the coming days, as Season 5 draws ever closer. Visitors to the Durr Burger have also reported that there's more than one Agent situated at the site, and are often responsive to those who perform iconic Fortnite emotes such as the Popcorn-eating stance. What a world we live in, aye? 

 This is the latest development in the exciting events that have characterized Fortnite's fourth season, from the once-in-a-lifetime missile launch, to rifts that spread like cracks in the sky, and now objects disappearing into the void all across the Fortnite map. The physical Durr Burger sitting in the California desert also had a retro cop car nearby and signs that read "This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects."    

Durr Burger wasn't the only iconic location to be sucked up by rifts - landmarks like the Tomato Town tower and Lonely Lodge were also ripped out of Fortnite's dimension, so it's possible that they've dropped into ours, just waiting to be discovered. If this is the start of an ARG, Epic Games has outdone itself; I'm picturing a Willy Wonky-esque fever to find all the Fortnite locations that have crossed over into the real world. 

It'd be even better if this became a global scavenger hunt, with the Durr Burger in California being just the beginning. In any case, we'll have to wait and see where this goes as the new Fortnite season approaches. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Fortnite vistas the next time you go for a walk.

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