Fortnite Week 9 Secret Battle Star location - where to find it near Polar Peak

We're getting close to the end of Fortnite Season 7, when means we're also down to the last couple of Fortnite Snowfall Challenges, and if you've managed to clear nine of them in total then you'll want to claim your reward of the Fortnite Week 9 secret Battle Star. The loading screen for week 9, once you've beaten enough of the weekly challenges to unlock it, shows the Prisoner (the Snowfall Challenges unlockable skin) escaping from the chains that previously held them in The Ice King's castle. Take a look at it below, and we'll unravel the clue for this week.

Fortnite Week 9 Loading Screen

For the last few weeks, a mysterious figure has been encased in ice in the basement of The Ice King's castle at Polar Peak, but if you visit that location now you'll just find an empty space and broken chains. In the Week 9 loading screen you can see the Prisoner walking away, and scrawled on the wall to the left is a diagram of where to find the hidden Battle Stars. If you can't work out the drawing, it features the giant wooden sled southeast of Polar Peak in grid D8, so that's where you want to drop.

If you're not familiar with the giant wooden sled, you can find it in the small area of buildings south of Shifty Shafts where there used to be a giant wooden chair - this area is visible on the map just north of a mountain if you need to set yourself a waypoint. As you glide in you can land straight on top of the sled, though if you're already on the ground there are also ramps at the front.

Fortnite Week 9 Secret Battle Star location

Once you're on top of the giant wooden sled, take a look around and the secret Battle Stars will pop up - it may be giant compared to regular sleds, but it's not big enough to require a long time to search it for your prize. Grab them and you'll jump up another Battle Pass tier, then you can head off to explore the frozen expanses in any direction.

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