Fortnite Weapon Case: Where to find and search them

Fortnite Weapon Case
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Searching a Fortnite Weapon Case is featured as one of the Kickstart quests, to introduce you to the various changes brought in with the new chapter. These Weapon Cases are particularly useful items to find, as they supply a selection of rare guns to better prepare you for the battle ahead in Fortnite Chapter 5. They can be found tucked away within The Underground's bases, but that information in isolation isn't much help when you're still learning the lay of the land, so I'm here to show you where to find and search a Weapon Case in Fortnite.

Fortnite Weapon Case locations

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I've marked the eight Fortnite Weapon Case locations currently available on the map above, which can all be found within bases belonging to The Underground. These are also marked on your in-game map, with small icons that look like a red eye inside a diamond-shaped outline with a light-colored strike-through over it.

How to search a Weapon Case in Fortnite

Building containing a Fortnite Weapon Case

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Once you've reached one of the marked areas on the map, look out for the symbol of The Underground as shown in the image above, which will mark the location of the Weapon Case in Fortnite. When inside, look for arrows drawn on walls, crates, and other surfaces to guide you in the right direction, which should eventually lead you to room with the same symbol marked on the outside.

How to search a Fortnite Weapon Case

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When you get inside the control room filled with various screens and other electronic equipment, look for the Fortnite Weapon Cases that are glowing red and have various guns on display. Approach and interact with the Weapon Case as you would with a chest, which will then drop the gun on the floor next you ready to pick up. These Weapon Cases contain a selection of Fortnite new weapons with modifications attached, including the Striker AR, Ranger Pistol, and the Reaper Sniper Rifle.

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