Fortnite visitor recordings: All six locations for the Overtime challenges, Out Of Time

Fortnite visitor recordings
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With just over a week to go until the new season, the seasonal Overtime challenges are here and the hardest part is finding the Fortnite visitor recordings, spread across the island. There's six visitor recordings in Fortnite, and while you're given the name of the area the Fortnite visitor recordings can be found, there's no specific directions. Since they're quite hard to find, make sure you're using this Fortnite visitor recordings guide to discover them all.

Fortnite visitor recording locations

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The locations of the six Fortnite visitor recordings are marked on the map above. Now follow the more detailed descriptions to find all of the collectibles and beat the challenges.

Fortnite visitor recording: Floating Island

Fortnite visitor recordings: Floating Island

(Image credit: Epic Games)

For the first of the six Fortnite visitor recordings, land on the floating island which is currently moving along the south side of the map. On the back of the truck in the northeast corner of the island is where you'll find the first tape.

Fortnite visitor recording: Retail Row

Fortnite visitor recordings: Retail Row

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The next one is in Retail Row, and you're going to want to enter the bookshop on the eastern row of shops. Go up the stairs and you'll find the tape sat on the landing.

Fortnite visitor recording: Moisty Palms

Fortnite visitor recordings: Moisty Palms

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Land on top of the old Paradise Palms hotel, and you'll find this visitor recording on the white wall running along the top of the building.

Fortnite visitor recording: Greasy Grove

Fortnite visitor recordings: Greasy Grove

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Fly down to the taco joint, head inside the front entrance, then go to the back of the restaurant near where the toilets are. The visitor recording is on one the first table to the left.

Fortnite visitor recording: Starry Suburbs

Fortnite visitor recordings: Starry Suburbs

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Go into the big red brick building in the middle of Starry Suburbs, head up the stairs to the top floor, then go through the door on the right. On the middle of the double bed is another visitor recording.

Fortnite visitor recording: Gotham City

Fortnite visitor recordings: Gotham City

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Finally, soar down into Gotham City, find the theatre in the northwest corner, then check the middle of the street right outside for the last Fortnite visitor recording.

When you've collected all six recordings, you'll earn a boatload of XP. Worth it!

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