Fortnite map changes: what’s new in season 5 from locations, POI, things to do, and Durrr’s back baby!

Fortnite season 5 is here and there are some big Fortnite map changes. Two familiar locations are gone and there are a ton of new things, tweaks and, well, just stuff that wasn’t there before. Let’s take a look at all the Fortnite map changes and see what they mean when you’re playing. 

Being completely wiped off the map is how you know you’ve failed as a geographical location. Such is Moisty Mire and Anarchy Acres fate having been, not exactly terrible places, just not popular enough to live. Like ugly endangered animals and any music streaming service that isn't Spotify. In their place respectively are Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, both of which change the map radically and in Paradise Palm’s case, introduce a new desert biome, which we’ll get to in a moment. Let’s take a look at each in turn. 

Fortnite's Paradise Palms introduces a new desert biome

Where once stood a bog, there’s now a dust bowl. It’s a bit of turn around for Moisty Mires’ waterlogged, tree covered terrain. Paradise Palms is a far more exposed location with that new desert biome leaving little cover outside the built up areas (although there’s plenty of palms and cacti if you need wood). 

The main area of interest is obviously that town in the centre but it doesn’t currently seem like a great place to drop being quite light on chests and, right now, full of tourists. The hotel has the most to offer in terms of loot if you can land the roof and work your way down but if you’re sharing with anyone else in the area - friend or foe - supplies are going to get thin, fast. It’s the same for the race track to the left, or the junk yard and garage on the right - enough to get you started solo, maybe, but bad if you have a team or opposition. 

It is, however, worth visiting just to see the dinosaurs.

Anarchy Acres might have been unpopular for being a little remote, but at least it had some gear to grab and wasn’t the worst landing spot in a pinch. It’s replacement Lazy Links, however, seems to have doubled down on the whole 'being a bit flat and empty.'

Anarchy’s spread of barns and buildings are gone, replaced by a single country club and golf course in the middle, with not enough chests to really support more than a single person. The main thing going in its favour are several of the new Fortnite ATKs - new vehicles you can grab and use to get the hell out of there. You can also try out the new golf toy emotes, and bet all the Battle Stars on it being a challenge somewhere down the line. 

The Vikings are here!

Both a warning and directions, because there is now a Viking camp I’m going to call Valhalla on top of the mountain between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove. It’s an interesting place - apart from the giant longboat, obviously - because of all the tightly packed buildings. If you do land there and run into trouble it’s going to be quite a close quarters fight to get out. 

Actual Easter Egg Easter Heads

There are now four Easter Island heads on the island, one near Lonely Lodge (at I5 on the map grid), between Dusty Divot and Loot Lake (F5), near Junk Junction (C2) and by the bridge near Shifty (E8). While it’s easy to just think ‘cool, nice ‘tache bro’ and move on, it’s worth considering these as potential landing spots - they always seem to be surrounded by chests. Offerings maybe, to appease that judging glare? 

Durrr Burger’s back!

Woo! Of all the things the Fortnite rift locations affected in season 4, the disappearance of Durrr Burger’s mascot was perhaps the one people felt the most. So it’s nice to have him back, even if it is in completely different place. If you want to say hello, or get a quick pic, then head to the big hill east of Pleasant Park, at D3 on the map. 

Noms is back too, but... [shrugs]

As well as Durrr, you can can also find the Noms sign that also disappeared through a portal towards the end of season 4. It's at map grid I2, on the north east coast. It suggests the Tomato Town head, and the Lonely Lodge sign are also either on the way, or so well hidden they haven't been found yet. 

Tilted Towers is still rebuilding 

Season 4 saw Tilted take a strike from the comet and, resulting crater aside, carry on pretty much as normal. However, the hole has been filled and a new tower is currently being constructed. How big will it get is the big question? If it updates over season 5, which I suspect it will, might it end up standing out in some way? Maybe as the tallest building on the island. 

Dusty Divot is now more tree than divot

The massive comet’s impact on Dusty is still there but the map changing crater is now massively overgrown, and the buildings at the center are broken and falling down. There are no hop rocks any more, and not a huge amount of chests. However, it’s great for hiding among the trees which is worth considering if you need to cover some ground under cover, which also adds a different rhythm to combat. 

Score some hoops 

There are now basketball hoops scattered around the map, to go with the new basketball flinging toy emote you can use. Hit a basket and you’ll get a little pop of ribbons and confetti much like scoring a goal with football. So far we’ve found them in the backyard of the second most northerly house in Snobby Shores, near the in door football stadium at C5, and the north east of Greasy Grove. Again, like the golf, totally a challenge later on. 

If all these season 5 changes aren’t doing it for you then here’s everything we currently know about Fortnite season 6, because like Christmas and death, it’s totally going to happen.