Fortnite High Stakes Challenges - how to earn the free rewards from The Getaway LTM

After being teased by Epic Games' on their recent PAX streams, the High Stakes update has now arrived for Fortnite - bringing with it new cosmetic items, a new limited time mode called The Getaway, and a fresh set of High Stakes Challenges that anyone playing the new mode can complete for free rewards. So if you're looking for details on what's included in this update, read on as we've got all the information you need about the new outfit, back bling, and glider, plus how The Getaway LTM works and what you need to do to complete all the High Stakes Challenges to get those sweet rewards.

What's included in the Fortnite High Stakes update?

As pictured above, there are three main strands to the Fortnite High Stakes update, bringing lots of new content to the game. You have the Wild Card outfit, The Getaway limited time mode, and the High Stakes Challenges. Let's take a look at these in turn:

What is the Fortnite Wild Card outfit?

The main Fortnite Wild Card outfit is this rather dapper white suit, paired with gloves and masks to complete the heist look. The outfit will come with four masks, allowing you to edit your style to sport a Heart, Club, Diamond, or Spade on your face-concealer.

This outfit also comes with the Cuff Case back bling, which thankfully is strapped to your back and not attached to your wrist. If you've seen enough heist movies then you'll know these things aren't fun to remove.

Finally, you'll also be able to purchase the new Safe Cracker glider to complement your outfit. How that thing manages to fly with all those gold bars weighing it down is anyone's guess.


What is the Fortnite Getaway LTM?

The Getaway, Fortnite's newest limited time mode, works like this - four jewels (which naturally are llama shaped) are floated into the map as supply drops, with safes replacing the standard crates. These take longer than usual to open, but once you get in you'll spawn a selection of weapons plus the jewel. When you grab the jewel, it will replace your back bling and take up a slot in your inventory, then you need to safely escort it to one of the four getaway vans - the first four squads to escape with the loot win the Victory Royale. The twist is that the getaway vans are all floating in the sky, so you'll need to build up to them in order to board the van and make your escape - teamwork will be the key here to assist your extraction.


What are the Fortnite High Stakes Challenges?

So this just leaves the Fortnite High Stakes Challenges themselves. Unlike the Fortnite Tomatohead Challenges you don't need to purchase the Wild Card outfit to access them, as these separate free challenges are available to everyone playing The Getaway LTM. Here's what you need to do to unlock your rewards:

Play 10 matches of The Getaway
Reward: 5,000 XP

A pretty easy one to start with, simply playing 10 matches of the new LTM will net you a big XP boost.

Deal 500 damage to jewel carrying opponents
Reward: High Stakes spray

Things start getting tougher here, as you need to be right in the fight to deal damage to opponents carrying the jewel. Look out for players with the elusive llama strapped to their back and get stuck in - you'll unlock this spray featuring the four card suits when you hit 500 damage.

Pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of The Getaway
Reward: High Stakes contrail

Another tough challenge to crack, this one involves either opening the safe or picking up the jewel from a fallen player. Again, watch out for that shiny llama and be ready to grab it at any opportunity. Pick it up in 5 different matches and this money contrail will be yours.

Complete all 3 challenges
Reward: High Stakes harvesting tool

If you manage to beat all three of the Fortnite High Stakes Challenges, you'll also unlock this crowbar pickaxe - running around the island with this equipped will show all other players how dedicated you are to stealing jewelled llamas.

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