Fortnite gets first-person view in Chapter 3 thanks to a new gun

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1
(Image credit: Epic Games)

A new Fortnite weapon gives players a brief first-person perspective for the very first time.

Just below, you can see a post which recently emerged over on the Fortnite subreddit. With the very recent launch of the new Chapter 3, a host of new features have been introduced to Epic's battle royale, and one of these is a weapon which allows players to aim down the sight of their gun, giving them a first-person perspective in the typical third-person game.

It's a really neat new feature, and as you can tell from the post's popularity, it's going down a real treat with the player base. The new Chapter 3 update might have introduced the likes of Spider-Man, sliding on your knees down hills for added speed, and a brand new island layout for the game, but it's the aiming down the sight mechanic for this particular gun which might just be the most popular addition.

Speaking of, Fortnite Chapter 3 is now live on all platforms around the world. The battle royale game closed out its previous Chapter 2 with a bang in typical live-event fashion, which seasoned Fortnite players will no doubt be used to by now. In fact, Epic has even declared this the perfect starting point for newcomers looking to step into the game for the very first time.

Fortnite's cinematic trailer for the new map might've leaked earlier in the week, and the Rock himself might've teased his addition to the game a little ahead of time, but this hasn't put a dampener on the proceedings by any means.

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