How to find Fortnite Fortbyte 17, found inside a wooden fish building

To track down the number 17 Fortnite Fortbyte, you need to look inside a wooden fish building. If you haven't spent that much time exploring the updated map for Fortnite Season 9 yet then this clue may mean nothing to you, as the wooden fish building is very much a recent addition to the island - joining the illustrious roster of animals previously recreated in Fortnite, including a crab, fox, rabbit, pig, and everyone's favourite llama. We've found the wooden fish for you though, so you don't have to go off searching for it.

To get started, drop into the location we've marked on the Fortnite map below, northeast of Lazy Lagoon where the four hotspring pools are:

In the southwestern of the four hotsprings you'll find... a wooden fish building, how convenient! To locate Fortnite Fortbyte 17, you need to approach the base of this building to the east and either edit or smash you way inside with your pickaxe. Obviously editing your way in is the quieter and better looking option, but we all enjoy taking things to pieces with our harvesting tool so the choice is yours. Once you get in there the microchip will appear hovering above the water, ready for you to collect and decrypt another square of the overall puzzle.

There you got, that's another Fortbyte ticked off the list, only another 75 or so to go! This hotsprings area is close to the edge of the map and usually pretty quiet, so hopefully you won't find yourself duking it out with other players to get inside the wooden fish and claim your prize. There are normally plenty of Fortnite Ballers around this area too, if you want to make use of them for a quick getaway and move back closer to the action.

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