Fortnite first-person mode rumor pops up again

First-person mode Fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games / @HYPEX)

Another day, another Fortnite dataminer leak – and this one once again purports that a Fortnite first person mode is coming to Epic Games' battle royale.

"Fortnite's First Person mode is finally coming in NEXT SEASON," announced renowned Fortnite dataminer and leaker, Hypex, over the weekend. "The same reliable source confirmed it to me & @ShiinaBR, and now @GMatrixGames & @iFireMonkey got confirmation from their side too."

This latest report follows rumors at the end of January which also suggested that Fortnite could be in line for a first-person mode (opens in new tab) after files were discovered buried in a new update. What's particularly interesting this time around, however, is that Hypex doesn't just attribute this latest report to datamining – they insist that a "reliable source" has confirmed that the mode is coming.

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Will it be permanent? Will it be a limited-time mode? Right now, no one knows, and it all could still be a mistake or a hoax, of course. 

But with Season 4 Chapter 1 expected to come to an end next week on Wednesday, March 8, we may find out more when Chapter 2 goes live shortly thereafter. As always, we'll keep you posted as and when we find out more.

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