How to deal damage to wildlife in Fortnite

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To deal damage to wildlife in Fortnite, you’ll just need to hit any animal found on the island with some source of damage, so it’s very easy. In recent Fortnite seasons there have been a fair few quests that have tasked players with scoring damage on Fortnite wildlife, and one of the new week 4 challenges is no different, requiring you to deal 1,000 damage. Here’s what you need to do to rack up the damage, which Fortnite animals count towards the challenge, and where exactly you can find them.

Dealing damage to Fortnite wildlife for quests

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Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine

Fortnite flutter barn and shimmering shrine points of interest

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Another week 4 quest challenges you to throw a Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine in Fortnite, so make sure you know where to find either of those locations

As previously mentioned, any source of damage will count towards completing challenges of this type, so long as it’s dealt to the correct types of wildlife found in Fortnite. That means bullet damage from any weapon, Fortnite melee weapon and pickaxe damage, and explosive damage all count, and damage to wildlife mounted by another player also counts. Be warned that the bigger wildlife creatures, particularly wolves and sharks, are very aggressive, so make sure you’re prepared with plenty of ammo. Although, defeated wildlife usually drops some consumable food items that can recover some of your health.

Pretty much any animal you see on the Fortnite map counts as wildlife for the purposes of this challenge, except for fish that can only be caught with a rod. The ones you’ll want to keep an eye out for are Fortnite boars, Fortnite wolves, chickens, frogs, crows, and sharks. Not all animals are equal though as some are more common than others and some have far more health than others. We recommend that you go after a shark as they have lots of health, so you can just keep firing bullets into them until you complete the challenge, although they are quite deadly. can only be found in a select few locations, so we’ve detailed the best areas to go hunting for wildlife in Fornite:

  • Boars: You’ll find boars pretty much anywhere on the island. Around Lustrous Lagoon, Greasy Grove, and Rave Cave are good places to start, however.
  • Chickens: Look for chickens in the desert region in the south of the map, or just east of Greasy Grove. Chickens also have a small chance of glowing purple or orange, indicating that they will drop an Epic or Legendary rarity weapon when defeated.
  • Crows: Crows can be found flying around the map, so look up to see if you can spot any. They can also perch on objects. Like chickens, crows can also glow purple or orange to show that they’ll drop a high-rarity weapon when shot out the air.
  • Frogs: Search around any water sources for frogs and listen out for their croaking. Unless a challenge specifies that you need to deal damage to or defeat frogs, we wouldn’t recommend going after them due to how annoying to find and weak they are.
  • Sharks: You’ll be able to find a shark in a few of the larger bodies of water on the island – look in the bay east of Herald’s Sanctum, the lake north of Tilted Towers, or the lake south of Logjam Junction. Sharks also patrol the waters that entirely surround the island.
  • Wolves: The northern half of the island has lot of possible wolf spawn locations but they are by far the most common around Lustrous Lagoon in the northeast corner of the map.

Deal 1,000 total damage to any Fortnite wildlife across any number of matches to complete one of the week 4 Fortnite quests and get 20,000 XP too!

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