How to throw a Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine in Fortnite

Fortnite flutter barn and shimmering shrine points of interest
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To throw a Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine in Fortnite you're goign top have to first find a Launchpad, and then one of those locations, to complete a new weekly quest. Launchpads have received a change that means they’re now throwable rather than being buildable, so you’ll need to sacrifice an inventory slot to hold one. Furthermore, a new weekly quest in Fortnite tasks you with placing one of these pads in one of two Chrome-ified locations. Here’s how you can get to Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine in Fortnite and throw down a Launchpad, but you’ll obviously need to get a pad first.

How to get a Fortnite Launchpad

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The Launchpad is now a throwable item that goes in your item inventory rather than a structure that you deploy in build mode. That means you’ll need to save an inventory slot and find one as ground loot anywhere on the Fortnite map or in a chest. Once you’ve got one, head to either Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine – details on how to get to either location are below.

How to get to Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine in Fortnite

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Conveniently, Flutter Barn and Shimmering Shrine are both marked Points-of-Interest on the map, so they’re pretty easy to find and we’ve marked them on the map above. In the desert section in the south of the map, you’ll find Flutter Barn almost directly south of Rocky Reels and north of Synapse Station. Shimmering Shrine is across the river in the greener section of the map. Head almost directly east of Rocky Reels or south of Herald’s Sanctum to reach it.

Fortnite launchpad placed in Shimmering Shrine

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Now that you’re at one of these locations, equip your Launchpad from your inventory. You’ll notice that it’s a bit like a throwable grenade, although you can’t just place it anywhere as it snaps to the Fortnite build mode grid. If you try to place the Launchpad in an invalid location, the hologram will go red and it can’t be placed, so look for an open, flat area and toss out your Launchpad to construct it. You don’t actually need to use the Launchpad and simply placing one is enough to complete one of the week 4 Fortnite quests and will bag you 20,000 XP, which will really help with levelling up your battle pass.

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